Soul & Sun: The 2013 Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival – Preview

One of the jewels of what Aruba, the mythical Island east of Venezuela, has to offer is its swinging annual jazz festival. Thanks to maverick producer Erik Eman, Aruba has become one of the essential stop for any music fan. Indeed since it’s creation some 5 years ago, the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival has welcomed worldwide stars including David Sanborn, Izaline Claister, Chaka Khan and The Ploctones. And it’s not about to end. Proof again is the 2013 edition on October 4th and 5th.

willy garcia 3Giovanca 1George Benson

You will feel the passion in the air and the electricity on the stage…guaranteed, especially with such a tremendous line up of international stars including El Grand Combo straight from Puerto Rico to the super full of soul Giovanca and her swinging voice to the legendary George Benson and his enchanting guitar. Also count on the salsa caliente of Willy Garcia and the wicked moves of Marquese Scott to make you hip-hop and dance all night long, non stop!

This Festival will take possession of you and will make you One with the heat of the night under the perfect spell of the island of Aruba.

Albert Einstein wrote that “without music life would be a mistake”. I would add that without music, Aruba wouldn’t be Aruba. Music is always in the air with the permanent swing of the wind battering the Island. And when it’s mixed with the notes of the genius jazz players, it is elevated to another level of perfection. This is the experience you get by taking a trip to this mythical destination. It’s also a delight to meet locals who embrace you as your equal and don’t look at you as a simple tourist.

Having visited many Caribbean islands, it is a treat to be welcomed with such grace and with many inviting smiles of love. Stop reading and book your one way ticket to Paradise. This year I encourage you to also book your hotel at The Renaissance which will host the full festivities. It’s in the heart of Downtown Oranjestad, a one-stop party town! Be ready to put your dancing shoes on and let’s dance the blues!

By Emmanuel Itier


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