IR RAW Interview: Michael Rymer [Director] For “Face To Face” [2011 Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival]



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  1. Firstly and foremost – to hold so many characters together in one room and to make a great movie needs real talent.Based on what Friends said who went to see the movie at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Worldwide response (as I have not personally seen the movie ) I take my hat off to Michael Rymer and the cast and crew for a very polished and professional movie with many memorable moments .I also know what it is like to put in hundreds of hours and have a thankless non paying project on your lap, with only shear enthusiasm to keep you going. ( I personally am not in the Movie business but have used my own job as a reference ) Relying on your own judgement to create the characters and the script and holding the audiences interest ( shot mainly in one room) was an achievement to be proud of.The Editing also was a prime and crucial importance to the movie, which again i take my hat off.
    Finally when the Movie is seen on the large screen and applauded by the public , I can imagine the great joy it must give you all .Anyway enough said hope the movie becomes a hit.Wish you Luck Michael!.

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