Just Go With It [Sony Pictures] – Film Review [Theatrical]

The general realization about an Adam Sandler picture is how pinpoint it can be at seeming carefree. That ultimately is what makes his progression through the perilous box office battlefield so effortless. He knows what works but, like his urban compatriot Tyler Perry realizes, within your comedic play games there has to be enough human emotion to anchor the audience’s wants and needs within an acceptable mainstream movie. Even with “Grown Ups” (which this reviewer saw mostly on plane rides over other people’s shoulders), that film’s specific power was how relatable it was to all genders and demographics.

The same is true in a slightly lesser fashion for “Just Go With It”. The concept behind the idea involves Sandler’s character passing off his assistant (played by Jennifer Aniston) as his ex-wife while trying to impress a young woman (who might be his soulmate) that there is nothing preventing them from a happy life together. The set up is convoluted and swayed in a tissue of lies but ultimately it is the shenanigans and the chemistry of Aniston and Sandler that wins out. The reality is that Aniston is one of the few women that matches Sandler wit for wit. The reason this can function quite well is that most of the movie she is not the romantic interest which allows for the relaxing of the relationship. Granted this idealism changes as the progression of the film moves deeper. A competitive element with her arch-enemy from soriority (played with definitive snarkiness by Nicole Kidman in cameo) heightens the situation and creates the film’s best moments between Sandler and Aniston. Although the scene in question is itself a contrivance, it tends to show the truth of the characters when all they are doing is lying. As usual, the secondary characters from the best friend impersonating a German sheepherder to the kids of Aniston who have their own agendas fuels the fire.

Buoyed by the requisite Hawaii location which Sandler loves in all aspects undeniably, “Just Go With It” shows a ease-filled star’s understanding the “not broke – don’t fix it” policy while still showing the prowess of mind that still delivers without an overwrought sensibility. There is a reason that Sandler has stayed on top over all the years he has done this while other stars seemingly fade away. He knows that, unless you cover yourself in make-up, people have a pre-conceived notion of your persona. The key is to play to it if it is still rarified into the collective consciousness without messing with the formula too much. “Just Go With It” continues that tradition mixing romance, modern issues and just sheer buffoonery at times with a sense of taste. Out of 5, I give “Just Go With It” a 2 1/2.

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