Ugly Americans: Season 1 Volume 1 [Comedy Central] – DVD Review

Creating an animated creature show that has both disdain, sense and humor to its progression while still remaining visually askew is a tall order.

“The Ugly Americans” as an experience is probably more akin to experimentation. Highlighting the programming possibilities of Comedy Central makes this possible because one senses a level of fandom inherent in some of the shows greenlit (including this one).

Each one of the episodes here attacks a different perception of the monster genre while turning it on its head. The lead character (apparently the only normal human) around works for a social services sector of the city which has apparently been taken over by demons and essentially transmogrified into a literal hell-on-earth (through side trips to hell still happen).

The sectors of the monster genre though seemingly surround a more Seinfeld-based trapping which is what makes the show completely relatable in an odd way. The resident human has a roommate who is a newly turned zombie having done so to impress a girl who ultimately likes vampires better while his girlfriend is the spawn of Satan.

The social services aspect of the series structure is what motivates most of the episode narratives. “Kong Of Queens” explores the mammoth ape wanting to do his best to keep the city clean as he obsesses over the “dirt” while “Blob Gets Job” explores the conflicting career possibilities for a creature with no bones. “Demon Baby” meanwhile speaks to the end of the days since the boss of the company can bring about the end of the world if he mates with the spawn of Satan producing effectively what would be the Antichrist.

The special features provide a balanced perception of what the series is. The “5 On” spots structure nicely into the social media perception of this world which is further explored with the inclusion of Facebook photos take by the characters. The art shows a commitment to each individual monster with the notion of continuing seasons displayed with wanton efficiency.

“Ugly Americans” Season 1 Vol. 1 is an anomaly of sorts with an interesting premise, extremeness of art and ultimately unbalanced characters that allow for an otherworldy vision of what life might be like if monsters walked among us. Out of 5, I give the DVD a 2 1/2.

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