Sweet Heat In The Palisades: The Culinary Stylings Of Jeffrey Saad & Susie Norris – Feature

The essence of a tasting is always in perspective to its location. Overlooking the Pacific from above Sunset in the Pacific Palisades offers a slight glint as the intent of a Stella Artois brisks the air and talk of a flipped over vehicle on Topanga Canyon coming into Malibu behooves the requisite tardiness.

Chef Jeffrey Saad was on hand to highlight some culinary temptings in congruence to some of his media outlays specifically with a growing audience watching both his TV musings as well as webisode adventures which take specific normalcies and play them into a dichotomy of their normal intent. Think breakfast serving as lunch. Just a couple more steps and you’re there.

His first dish is one of delectable presence in the form of a shrimp slider. Using elements of cole slaw gently enticed over a taut crisp, the crustacean itself never overcomes the taste instead giving it a wonderful simplicity made heightened by only the slightest bit of lime.

The soft smoothness of the following butternut squash soup finds the balance between the essence of a starter and a full meal of its own. The intention is always to whet the appetite without belittling the main course.

Entering into the equation, the infusion of a sumptious turkey slice ensconced with the unique permeatation of a cranberry glaze brings the ideal of a new perception to the holiday favorite. The garnish both enhances the tender lightness of the meat without overwhelming it with too much flavor.

Dessert for many is the most desired part of a meal. The realization that it is a reward of riches is simply reflected in the faces of those affected by the power of chocolate.

Chocolatier Susie Norris, who just released her new book “Chocolate Bliss”, finds fulfillment in the details as the highlights of her confections prove.

Beginning with a soft delicious muffin topped with mousse glaze and the requisite crown of a cocoa bean, the revolution takes its indulgence to new heights with a pure chocolate bar married in its center with the beauty that is white chocolate which takes one’s breath away.

The infused permutation of these two chefs moving in unison for such an occasion shows the power of both persuasions where the key is to alter perceptions of what is possible in terms of taste while still maintaining a changing visual style. The essence is not in reinventing what came before but simply to offer a different point of view.

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