Genesis II – DVD Review


“Genesis II” is a removed pilot from sometime in the early 70s which was made by Gene Roddenbery as a follow up to “Star Trek” in tandem to the motivation of “Earth II”. The angles created make reference to TOS Episode “Gamesters Of Triskelion” involving the enslavement of a race no different truly than the ones ruling them. Here the human race becomes subservient to a would-be gang of Super Soldiers who are mutants that took on the perception of the old retrieval Romans. The question that remains here is the underlying political structure. The story has the breathe of an old “Star Trek” episode but without a supporting cast of characters to maintain the story. Dylan is a man who is put in suspended animation. His chamber was buried in an earthquake in Carlsbad and not discovered until 150 years later. In the elapsed time, an apocalypse destroyed the world. The two vestiges of civilization personified here are not completely flushed out. Granted this might have been a first pass pilot but the interesting element always revolves around the evolution of where a series would go. The ending resolve and the morality involved seem a little too nonchalant. Ultimately the pilot does not hit the mark. That said, it is neat to see the impression of something like this to the Warner Archive, which is a wonderful opportunity to see into the vaults of the studio since there is a great ancillary surplus of material in it. Granted this release is utterly bare bones (not even a menu) but there is something primal in that which allows you to see a production for what it is: an exercise in audience recruitment and commercial viability. Out of 5, I give it a 2 ½.

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