Cougar Town – Advance TV Review


The thing about “Cougar Town” that makes it fun is that it goes for it. After seeing producer Bill Lawrence pushing it tirelessly at TCA back in July gives it a vision of just bombastic raucousness. Granted you have to look at it from a tongue-in-cheek point of view but if you can get past that, you are in for gold. Courteney Cox doesn’t do anything half ass. Ever since “Dirt”, I give her props because she takes chances. Maybe it is because she has stability at home. Watching her out of the gate here, she has an energy that seems to be growing with age because she has no fear in front of the camera. You don’t tend to judge her on it because it works. As she grows older, her comedy has that great sexy cynicism mixed with what made her stand out on “Friends”.

The thing that the pilot does is paint everyone in her little playground as just a rider on the merry go round, wine and all. Her kid is great because he plays it just right so you know that he is not taking it too seriously. The ex is a complete dunce who knows what a cad he is. Her next door neighbor and best friend cheers her on while her younger assistant fans the flame in always an interesting albeit often wrong way. The reasons this is funny are all wrong and that is why it works for me. Cox’s star power might be just enough to push it through. While I was not a fan of “Scrubs” since it never caught me, that same humor here from the female point of view rocks out in a different way. Bill mentioned that half of the writers in the story room are women. If they can write these jokes and keep them coming with fire, this should be fun. It might be too much for the current audience but saucy it is without getting too dirty. But being messy is fun.

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